Authorial Magazine Vol. 1 Issue 8


The Authorial Magazine tours you around the two prestigious book events and the magnificent places both events are associated with. From Salt Lake’s numerous temples with religious significance to Frankfurt Germany’s must-visit tourist attractions that should be at the top of your bucket list, this magazine allows you to experience all of this through words and personal accounts.

Piecing this magazine together with the team who are as dedicated to making this issue the best yet is both rewarding and fun. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the conscientious team of editors, writers, and designers who added a bit of their touch to give the contributors’ articles and the books the highlight that they deserve. We offer our utmost gratitude to the authors who contributed to the completion of this magazine, the publisher, and the managing director who, like all of us, worked tirelessly to make this publication successful.

We hope that this magazine can serve as your comfort and safe place during this trying time as there is nothing more rewarding than seeing all of our efforts pay off in the end.

See you on our next issue!

Publisher: Belle Birao

Managing Director: Gladys Rodriguez

Lay out Artist: Parker Martinez, Oliver Hall

Writer: Julianne Ronan, Vince Arthur


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