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Texas Book Festival 2023

Texas Book Festival 2023

Guadalajara International Book Fair 2023

Guadalajara International Book Fair 2023 Guadalajara International Book Fair 2023

AASL 2023

Tucson Festival of Books 2023​

Frankfurter Buchmesse 2023

Tucson Festival of Books 2023​

Manila International Book Fair 2023

Tucson Festival of Books 2023​

Tucson Festival of Books 2023

Tucson Festival of Books 2023​

London Book Fair 2023

London Book Fair 2023

Los Angeles Festival of Books 2023

Los Angeles Festival of Books 2023​


The Write Stuff-Thinking Out Loud

By Chuck Champlin

In an 1899 essay, “My debut as a Literary Person,” Mark Twain was lively and reflective: “In those early days (1866),” he wrote, “I had already published one little thing (‘The Jumping Frog’) in an eastern paper, but I did not consider that counted.


Sermons with Insight

By Roland Zimany

Upon growing up as a young boy, I remember that my family would always say grace beforemeals. I was born on August 5, 1936 in East Orange, New Jersey of Slovak heritage. My father, Daniel Zimany, was a Sunday School Superintendent and my mother, Margaret Zimany, was a Sunday School Teacher.


Our Story is His Glory

By Linda Gallagher

Having spent over 45 years as a singer and recording artist, a meditator and a student/ teacher of Truth, sharing the experiences of an Inner Light of Love and Care, it has been revealed that the Glory of God can be revealed to us through our own story.


Cowboys, Sheep and Mutton Bustin

By Carrolyn Foster

The fans were gathered in the rodeo arena waiting for the mutton busting to begin. Some bulls from the professional bull riding were present as well as the professional bull riders. They were here to see the youngest cowboys fulfill their dreams of becoming a bull riders.



By Kal Rissman

“Wow, grandpa, you are really old now!” That is the kind of talk I expect to hear more of when the grandchildren all gather for my 70th birthday this week. It is almost as if they are amazed and have never met anybody that old before.


Waterfall Cutoff

By James Young

One summer at the co-op, Dad decided we were going to canoe down the Cherokee River. We all packed into our white Pontiac, and with a canoe strapped to the roof, we drove from Landsburg north towards a section of the river that ran north–south in the middle of the state.


Black Pain

By Nita Clarke

Black pain swelling against the strain of white humiliation, Slavery, Jim Crow, segregation. Black pain exploding in my brain, Frustration, aggravation, shame and pain Red line districts, dilapidated schools Where’s my 40 acres and a mule?


Mother’s Day

By Dr. Minnie L. Ransom

Mother’s Day has been honored many years in England and had been called Mothering Sunday. Julia Ward Howe suggested Mother’s Day first in the United States in 1872 suggesting that its observance be on June 2nd and dedicated to peace.


Democrat Attainment of Perpetual Power Will Lead to Civil War in America

By David A. Herrera

America has long been the beacon of freedom throughout the world that has risked American lives as the price paid for the pursuit of liberty, not only to defend itself, but to defend its allies when they needed us in the 20th and 21st centuries.


I am the Lighthouse

By Erik D.J. O’Brien

Oceans assail me. My guiding Light is a Mariner’s delight. Silently, serenely and content I stand. Blown by tempest, so beset, might ye berate me, Dare ye so silent, so serene! Have ye no Love Lighthouse, no Care?


Government 2.0

By Joseph Albert Gorski

As the country and much of the world locked down in March 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, financial markets were in free fall. The Federal Reserve Bank of the US responded by injecting massive liquidity (money creation basically) into the markets and cut interest rates to near zero.



By Barbara ten Brink, Ph.D.

Snake had gotten himself in a bad situation. He was mad. He was mad at himself. He was mad at his situation. He was mad that he had ventured out of his den for some reason that now he could not remember.


Willow the Whiner

By Charre Smith

There once was a girl named Willow and she always whined. She whined in the morning And she whined at night. She whined when it rained And when the sun shone bright.


The Majestic Joker

By Robert J. Morris

The Fanfare Summons The Joker, But He Does Not Show! A Room, Cloaked In Silence, Nowhere Goes. The King Is Still, No Wine Doth Flow “Where Is The Joker,” The King Demands?! “The Need For Laughter, I Thus Command!” No Breath Shall Pass This Night, A Sigh;


Neath Fluttering Sails and Whispering Winds

By Robert G. Rohland

For fun and sun and something new, I recommend dear one that you do fast escape with boat and friends… ‘Neath Fluttering Sails and Whispering Winds. Aboard a boat on waters blue, you’ll find your worries soon are few.


Becoming a Man

By Dr. Urias Beverly

When we grow into a man it is sometimes gratifying to remember it did not just happen overnight, but one day at a time. I cannot forget the times when we wanted to have some experiences on our own without parents to supervise every move we made.



By Chuck Champlin

On a November evening in 1980, artists Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz unveiled a Public Communication Sculpture where they linked street scenes in Los Angeles and New York via video and satellite technology.


Straw Man and Neo

By Joyce Jones

Life, by definition, is a learning and growth experience. Every moment is an opportunity to tune in to the lessons. Some of them we apply to our own benefit; some of them we internalize to the negative.


It’s a Fine Time to Tell Me!

By Buck Elder

Hmmm. What’s that Mr. Jones said about me? I was “The hardest-working and most dedicated employee he knew. I don’t know how our company would ever have made it without her”.


So You Want To Save The World?

By Stephen Eugene Thress

Top Secret UFO Projects Declassified and I was certainly pleased with what I watched. My narrative of events unfolding line up prettywell with their content in the series.


A New England Yankee in Conversation with an Apostle and a Texas Cattle Baron

By Don Schofield

Sometimes my meanderings scare me. Without even the hint of warning, at times I find myself transported to worlds that are as foreign to a New England Yankee.


Sailing the “Fulmar”

By Ralph Fiorillo

It was a misty, damp morning about 4 am, when John Loret and Ralph Fiorillo, two young and adventurous sailors set sail from Gravesend Bay, Brooklyn heading east to Sag Harbor and East Hampton, Long Island.


A Reason To Write

By Celeste M. Gros

Many people ask me why I write children’s books. Why not any other type of book? I look at them kind of perplexed. Do you really need a “reason” to write? Writing is such a beautiful way to express your feelings, dreams, desires and fantasies.


Childhood Obesity: Preventing and Managing the Global Pandemic

By Dr. Richard Saracen

This book was written for children to be able to fight off this epidemic of childhood obesity. This will help them as they go through life with the proper tools to battle against this horrible problem of obesity in this country.


Origin of the Free Born Trilogy

By Benjamin J. Sanford/Ben Sanford

As my first foray into the fantasy genre, Free Born is the first of three books centered in a medieval society where magic and those who wield it, rule with absolute power.


The True Story of the Hope Within

By C.J. Munyan

In 2011, I was praying, and the Lord urged me to write this book, The True Story of The Hope Within. I was a little leary to try to write it because I was not sure how to do it but then I had a stronger urge so I sat down and just started writing and all of a sudden everything fell into place.


Wild Ride at the Dude Ranch

By Sherry Walraven

Now that I’m a retired educator, I thought I would make up a longer story than I did for the sons and grandchildren. It was fun to make up characters and situations, so I kept it up. I love to see how many colorful characters I can put in a story.



By Gary D. Scott

I’ve found the village Applewood. not far from here its buildings rise. but she is often overlooked. no glowing lights illume her skies. the people there are humble too.


Schnapplings in the Knossos Valley

By Joseph Park

My name is Joseph Park, and I am pleased to present my book, Schnapplings in the Knossos Valley, which I hope to be the first of several Schnappling Tale novels.


Meet Beans & Basil Rottweiler Puppies

By Michelle Cristantiello

Meet Beans & Basil Rottweiler Puppies is a whimsical interactive children’s photo-book. It gives you a look into the world of Rottweiler puppies and their daily adventures.


The Open Door

By Mirzadegan Arjang

Back to the quiet Center! The current state of the third dimension seems like chaos. Earthquakes, floods, fires, volcanoes, diseases, and general confusion in governmental or corporate controls.


Bunny’s Hope

By Teresa Hall

Have you ever dreamed about becoming better at something? Have you ever wondered about your possibilities of your outcome, if you only believe? Have you ever felt sad and lonely? Bunny desires to hop faster, see better, and become confident.


Oh, Our Fair Ones

By Lavelle Holmes

Oh, Our Fair Ones is a story of faith, strength and love. It is the story of a young girl who wants to know why she is here on earth, where she came from and what comes after this life.


Stations of the Risen Christ: Resurrection Meditations

By Frank Heelan

Station of the Risen Christ by Frank Heelan is meant to inspire people to pray and meditate on the Scriptural passages relating to Jesus Christ rising from the dead, and appearing in His glorified body to over 500 disciples for forty days.


The Adventures of Professor Poodle and Auggie: Let’s Collect the Alphabet

By Mark Vogel

Inspired by his Grandchildren to write this book, author Vogel has found a balance between teaching children the alphabet and making learning a fun and uplifting experience.


From the Past to the Present

By Keith Edward Huling

I began writing when I was nine years old. I was in acting school at the age of six and this has been an uphill journey for myself from an early age in life. My life journey begun with bumps and bruises and I kept on striving.


Run Phillip Run

By Eddie Engram

Who hasn’t watched a football game and envisioned yourself achieving that lofty goal as a young person? I loved toplay sports, and I felt that Iwas goodat it. I loved making the touchdowns or shooting the lights out on the basketball court.

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